100 - 1 Challenge (Man Sounds and Rambling)

    100-1 JOI (JOI)

    A Day fit for a Princess (Getting Licked)

    Anew (Oration)

    Apt-Lickant (Getting Licked)

    Bad Dad (Daddy and little girl)

    Bake and Take (Soft and Sweet)

    Bask (Oration)

    Bed Rest (Man Sounds)

    Bent over a table

    Blow Out the Candles (Daddy and little girl)

    Bounce in my lap (DD lg)

    Bound and Pound (Soft and Sweet)

    Brave Little Girls Cum the Hardest (Daddy and little girl)

    Breast Worshi

    C`mere (Anal)

    Cheating (Degradation)

    Co-Workers (Soft and Sweet)

    Cold Snap (Soft and Sweet)

    Collaring a little girl (Daddy and little girl)

    Cop Stop (Rape and degradation)

    Cowboy car repair

    Daddy Earned This (Daddy and little girl)

    Daddy`s Lap (Daddy and little girl, Affirmation)

    Daddy`s Little Girl

    Demotion (Giving head, Degradation)

    Eaten (Getting licked)

    Encouraging Exhibitionis

    Fan Service (Soft and Sweet)

    Fingers (Soft and Sweet)

    First Time (Soft and Sweet)

    Focus on me, not the pain

    Forcing a baby in you (Impreg)

    Good Times (Rambling, Man Sounds)

    Hands on training (Daddy Instructional)

    Happy Mother`s Day (Impreg)

    Harsh Tease (BDSM)

    Hey and Play

    Hold me while we fuck you (MMF)

    I have to tell you how I feel (Rambling)

    Interrogation Room (Rape)


    Jump in my lap (Daddy and little girl)

    Let`s have a talk with Spanking (Affirmation)


    Little one tuck in

    Look at me while he fucks you (MMF)

    Love Sick - (Rambling, Man Sounds)

    Making a baby in baby (Impreg)

    Man Sounds (Man Sounds)

    Masturbating for people on the internet (Man Sounds)

    Mine (Oration)

    Mirror, Mirror (Daddy and little girl)

    Monster (BDSM)

    Moody (BDSM)

    Night Light (Daddy and little girl)

    O-val Office (Degradation)

    Packing (Soft and Sweet)

    Painslut JOI (JOI, BDSM)

    Painspiration (BDSM)

    Patience (BDSM, Man Sounds)

    Pirate (Rape)

    Plunder that Booty (Rape, Degradation)

    Priest (BDSM)

    Princess Day (Daddy and Little Girl)

    Private Car (Soft and Sweet)

    Pumpkin Patch (Soft and Sweet)

    Quickie (Man Sounds)

    Return to my Office (Affirmation)

    Riding Lessons (Cowboy Jack )

    Rodeo (Cowboy Jack)

    Rough and Quick

    Say You`re Sorry (Daddy and Little girl, BDSM)

    Shower Sex (Soft and Sweet)

    Silent Knight (Soft and sweet, Man Sounds)

    Slow tease (BDSM)

    Snake Bite (Cowboy Jack)

    Stand in my Office (Affirmation)

    Straight Dick (Rambling, Man Sounds)

    Stroking your hair

    Study (fuck) Buddies

    Succubus (Male Submission)

    Suck me while he fucks your ass (MMF)

    Sunday Morning Quickie (Soft and Sweet)


    Sweet Degradation (Degradation)

    Sweet Little One (Daddy and little girl)

    Sweetest Little One (Daddy and little girl)

    Swimming Lessons (Daddy and little girl)

    The Ass Fuck King (Anal)

    The Grey Knight Cums (Man Sounds)

    The Story of your O (Sweet Instructional)

    Thinking of you in the Rain (Rambling, Man Sounds)

    Treat (Getting Licked)

    Trick (Degradation)

    Vampire Part 2

    Vampire Part One (Mind Control)

    Wake and Take (Giving Head)

    Writhe (Getting Licked)

    Yodeling (Cowboy Jack)

    You`ve got a Mouth on you (Daddy Instructional)


    Big Brother`s Best Friend (Featuring Cardlin audio) (Soft and Sweet)

    Dedicated service

    Face down ass up (Spanking)

    Good girl (DDlg)(JOI)


    Lovely little girl

    March Forth (JOI, Degradation)


    On top of Daddy (Daddy and little girl)

    On your knees to please (JOI)


    Ten Days

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